37 Epic Ways to Relax Tonight if You Can't Take a Bath

So you desperately need to relax tonight - but for whatever reason (and we hope it's a good one) you simply can't take a bath. Well, we scoured the interwebs just for you, and we found 37 epic ways you can recharge tonight if - heaven forbid - you can't take your much deserved soak:

1. Practice yoga.

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Find your favorite yoga pose, take some deep breaths, and relax!

2. Listen to soft music.

Jason Mraz? Sinatra? Classical, perhaps? Whatever your favorite genre is, play that tune and drown everything else out.

3. Take a walk.

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Going for a walk is a great way to take in the sights and reset your mind. You could even bring a buddy too!

4. Get a massage.

Ask your husband to take the kids for an afternoon while you get some much needed me time. Or, find a sitter and go get a massage together!

5. Deep breathing.

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Find some deep breathing exercises on the Internet and practice them for a few minutes. It's simple and really works!

6. Use stress balls.

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Squeezing stress balls is a great way to help calm yourself. There's tons of different colors and fun designs!

7. Take a long drive.

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Need to get away for a little while? Cruise down your favorite road, roll the windows down, and turn on some relaxing music.

8. Swing.

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Visit your local park and find an empty swing. I promise it's more fun than you think!

9. Go fishing.

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Grab your fishing rod and tackle box and get ready for some ultimate relaxation! Fishing creates a peaceful atmosphere, no matter where you choose to do it.

10. Create something.

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What have you always wanted to create? A book? A painting? A blog? Go for it!

11. Start a new TV series or movie.

With a blanket and bowl of ice cream, of course.

12. Spend time with friends or family.

Hanging with the fam is pretty relaxing, especially if you have a movie or game night. Invite your friends too!

13. Cook.

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Do you have a favorite dish or a new recipe you've been dying to try? Go for it!

14. Take a nap.

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Seriously. Naps used to be everybody's worst enemy when they were little, but now I'd welcome one any day.

15. Drink green tea.

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Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients. It improves brain function, weight loss, and lowers the risk of cancer. Heat up some water, find your favorite mug, and plop that tea bag in!

16. Read.

Whether it's a book, a magazine, or blog article, reading is an excellent way to forget about your worries for a while.

17. Go to a spa.

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I think it goes without saying that spas are pretty relaxing. Bring a friend, family member, or your spouse if you don't want to go alone.

18. Take a hot shower.

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Hot, steamy water... what's better than that?

19. Swim.

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You don't have to swim laps - just visit your local swimming pool and have fun!

20. Visit an art gallery.

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When was the last time you got away and enjoyed the finer things? An art gallery is a great way to start!

21. Journal.

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Grab a pen and write! Releasing your thoughts may help you feel even more relaxed.

22. Buy some flowers.

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It doesn't need to be a special occasion for you to buy flowers. Buy themjust because. The beautiful sight will make your heart a lot happier every time you look at them!

23. Do a puzzle.

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Put on your favorite TV show or movie while you do a puzzle. Disney ones are my favorite!

24. Start a new hobby.

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What have you always been interested in but never took the initiative to learn? Photography? Art? Learning a new instrument? There's no time like the present!

25. Organize.

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This may sound like work, but trust me. Once you organize a certain space in your home or your office, you'll feel so much better every time you look at it!

26. Breakfast in bed.

Ask your spouse the night before if they'll let you sleep in and bring you breakfast. After all, how often do we get breakfast in bed?

27. Get away for a weekend.

Get a hotel or visit family that lives far away. Escape the stress for a couple of days!

28. Buy (or bake) that tasty treat you've been craving.

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 Cake? Cookies? Whatever it is, do it.

29. Date night.

When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse and didn't talk about the kids or financial worries? Get a sitter and have a romantic night (or, this is usually when grandparents would love to babysit for a few hours).

30. DIY beauty products.

Scrubs, body butters, makeup... the possibilities are endless.

31. Soak your feet.

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Have a foot bath or a sink that you could put your feet in? Grab a book, light a candle, and soak away.

32. Aromatherapy.

Gather your favorite essential oils and check out the Internet for different ways to use aromatherapy!

33. Go out on a boat.

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If you have access to a boat, take advantage of it! Go out on the water with friends, family, or just yourself. Don't forget a life jacket!

34. Take a vacation.

 Disneyland? Europe? A cruise? If money allows, go have some fun!

35. Visit a museum.

Love history or looking at ancient artifacts? Visit your local museum (or travel out of state to one if you're feeling adventurous).

36. Play a card or computer game.

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Solitaire, Nancy Drew, find-it games... Which one is your favorite?

37. Create a "me time" place in your home (or outdoors).

Have a cozy space that you love? Perhaps a perfect, peaceful area outside? Make it your own and enjoy!

Do you have other ways that you like to relax? If so, leave a comment and share it with us!

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  • Doesn’t sound fun or relaxing but I bet it’s rewarding in the end.
    Shannon W Shock
  • can definitely be stressful. But overall, in the end, it’s very relaxing and you have a sense of achievement!
    Chelsea Sanders

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