23 Ways to Have the Best Bath Ever

There's nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath. However, did you know that there are 23 ways to make that experience even more relaxing? Check them out:

1. Use a waterproof, padded foam pillow.

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Trust me - your back will thank you. That cold tub can be cruel!

2. An overflow drain cover.

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Who doesn't want a tub filled with a lot of water? Overflow drain covers can give you just that.

3. A bath tray.

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The struggle is real when it comes to bringing certain items to the tub with you. A bath tray can hold your drink, book, soap, flowers, or whatever else you please.

4. A facial mask.

Whether it's a peel-off, clay, or mud mask, you can sit back and relax while the mask does its job.

5. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

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Admit it - playing music straight from your phone just isn't the same. Amazon has several waterproof speakers, so when you want to chill with Michael Bublé in the background, you can (only it's 10x better).

6. Calming bath salts.

Pinterest has lots of pretty bath salts that you can make yourself. I mean, why not?

7. Candles.

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Dim the lights (or turn them off completely - just be careful) and light a few candles. Not only will the ambiance speak to the hopeless romantic within you, but it will help you relax big time.

8. A deep-conditioning hair mask.

Does your hair need some TLC too? Make your own deep-conditioning hair mask and put it up in a shower cap while you wait for it to work its wonders.

9. Soap petals.

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Who doesn't want a beautiful-looking soap to help them relax in the tub? Again, Amazon sells several different soap petals that come in gorgeous colors. Or, if soap petals aren't your thing, try sprinkling some rose petals on top of your water.

10. Essential oils.

What's your favorite essential oil? Add a few drops to your bath and breathe in the heavenly scent that it offers.

11. Use a long boar bristle brush.

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Scrub every hard-to-reach area with these brushes. It's pretty soothing!

12. A basket or rolling cart.

Forgot that one thing to bring with you to the bath? There's no need to get out of the water when you have a basket or rolling cart full of those necessities next to your tub.

13. Use a body scrub.

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Remove dead skin cells and get softer skin by using your favorite body scrub. Feeling silky smooth when you get out of the bath is probably one of the best feelings ever.

14. A facial roller.

Although it sounds scary, don't worry. Facial rollers reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation. Plus, they're pretty relaxing to use.

15. Waterproof tealights.

These are such a fun addition to the bath! These particular lights float on top of the water, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

16. Epsom salt.

After a long day at work or taking care of your kids, chances are you're tired and somewhat sore. Epsom salt is known for relaxing achy muscles, calming the nervous system, and relieving constipation.

17. Soak in herbal tea.

An herbal bath is a great way to help get rid of a cold and stimulate the circulation in your body. Find your favorite recipe and enjoy a nice, relaxing soak.

18. A milk bath.

A milk bath cleans and exfoliates your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Who doesn't want that?

19. Bring a book.

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Have a book that you simply can't put down? Don't let taking a bath stop you! You may find that it's more relaxing to enjoy the story while sitting in warm water full of bubbles. Plus, if you have a bath tray or basket, you can keep it nearby!

20. A bath bomb.

This goes without saying. Bath bombs are meant to help you relax, moisturize your skin, and leave you smelling good. Choose your favorite scent, plop it in the water, and watch it fizz away!

21. Take a shower beforehand.

Taking a shower before you dip in the tub is a great idea if you're worried about any dirt or bacteria that may be floating around from your body.

22. Moisturize afterwards.

Keep your favorite lotion or body butter nearby. After your bath, apply it on those extra rough areas and enjoy skin that feels soft and fresh.

23. A fluffy towel and bathrobe.

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Find the fluffiest towel and bathrobe you can - you'll be glad you did! For maximum relaxation results, put your towel and bathrobe in the dryer for a few minutes and have someone bring them to you when you're done with your bath.

What are your favorite ways to relax in the tub?

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